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Vacuum Components and Chambers from ANCORP


ANCORP specializes in the manufacturing of high and ultra-high vacuum components. Since inception, their main focus has been on progress, innovation, and problem-solving. Their inventory spans a wide range of high and ultra-high vacuum components designed for many vacuum applications.


High Vacuum Valves

ANCORP offers an assortment of high vacuum isolation valves including ball valvesVAT poppet valves, and VAT gate valves. ANCORP is a US distributor of VAT valves. Their patented ball valve is an industry-leading product that has been carefully designed and refined to serve specific needs in various industries.

Vacuum Hardware

Over 3,000 vacuum hardware components including CF and wire sealISO and ASA flanges, fittings, adapters, feedthroughs, couplings, and more are available with short lead time and great pricing.

Custom Fabrication And Chambers

ANCORP's dedicated team works with customers to build high and ultra-high vacuum chambers and custom fabrications to their specifications. World-leading experience, support, and a commitment to helping our customers solve problems.

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