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Dry Vacuum Pumps and Systems from Agilent Vacuum Products
IDP Dry Scroll Pumps


Agilent Isolated Dry Scroll Pumps (IDP) are oil-free, compact, quiet, high-performance vacuum pumps. IDP pumps use a single-sided scroll design that allows for a straightforward 15-minute maintenance procedure with simple tools. Large pumping speeds and compact sizes are ideal for many applications in the research, analytical instrument, and laboratory markets.

High Vacuum Pumping Systems for Better Vacuum Performance

Agilent provides robust, industry-leading high-vacuum pumping systems that deliver complete confidence across a broad range of applications. Our diffusion, ion, and turbo pumps (now including the TwisTorr FS turbo pumps family ranging from 70 L/s to 800 L/s) feature innovative designs backed by exhaustive testing and trusted after-sales support. We also provide turbo pumping systems in compact, bench-top, and cart-mounted models.

UHV Ion Pumps

Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are regularly used in general purpose ultra high vacuum (UHV) systems for evacuating electron devices, and in sensitive electron microscopes. Noble Diode Vaclon Plus pumps are used in UHV applications when a gas mixture is being pumped at constant pressure which is ideal in obtaining UHV pressures in particle accelerators, synchrotron rings, and surface analysis applications. The patented StarCell is the only ion pump that handles high amounts of noble gases and hydrogen. It also provides the highest speed and capacity for methane, argon, and helium.
TwisTorr 305-IC Turbo Pump.webp
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