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Vacuum Feedthroughs and Viewports


Manufacturing Precision Feedthrough Products, Inc (MPF) specializes in designing and manufacturing electrical components for critical-harsh environment applications that require ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. MPF employs an active-alloy sealing process as well as a traditional thick film metallized ceramic (Mo-Mn) combined with advanced vacuum brazing techniques to bond ceramics to metals.  

Our scientists and engineers have produced thousands of standard and custom designs for Viewports, High Voltage feedthrough, RF, Multipin and T/C connectors. We use UHV grade Alumina & Zirconia ceramic dielectrics, along with Titanium, Nickel 200, Alumel, Kovar, Inconel, OFHC Copper, & 300 Series Stainless Steel metals for meeting the demands of our customer’s leading edge applications.

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UHV viewport
Vacuum Feedthrough
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