Complete Pumping Solutions

From Atmosphere to UHV

From pumping harsh chemicals in an industrial environment to detailed surface analysis in a clean ultra-high vacuum chamber,
Torvac will supply you the correct pump for your application.

Trillium, Austin Division

Trillium, Austin Division
manufactures high quality cryopumps,
compressors and controllers.

Trillium-Austin Instruments Cryogroup

Trillium, Austin Division

“Trillium, Austin Division manufactures high quality cryopumps, compressors and controllers which are made in America. Their products replace and fit into most CTI footprint exactly.  They also repair and refurbish their own products and specialize in the same for CTI pumps up to 1/3 less cost!  Austin refurbishes to original (factory) specifications and offers a 12-month warranty.”


Trillium Austin Scientific Cryo-Plex-8

Austin Scientific provides both custom and industry standard cryogenic solutions at highly competitive prices. Cryogenic vacuum pumps provide clean, oil-free high vacuum with high pumping speeds and are the pump of choice for sputtering, electron beam evaporation, accelerator beam lines and many aerospace and coating applications.”
Trillium Austin Scientific Cryo Pump Temperature Monitor

Trillium Austin Scientific Cryo Pump side mount Trillium Austin Scientific Cryo Plex pump

Trillium Provides High Quality Vacuum-Related Equipment Repair

Expert Service, Exchange, New and Refurbished Systems and Parts.

"With 3 nationwide locations, an in-house machine shop, and ready-to-ship inventory, Trillium serves customers with short lead times and competitive costs. Plus, Trillium's ISO-9001 certified quality system and decades of expertise delivers top-notch products and services every time."

"Clients experience ease-of-business processes: sophisticated back-office systems, customized weekly status reports, flexible pricing options, and popular equipment buy-back program."

Trillium Dry Pumping Systems
Trillium Cryo Pumping Systems

Trillium Rotary Vane & Booster Pumps
Trillium Temperature Control Units
Trillium Gas Abatement Systems

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