A Full Line of Advanced Optical Metrology Equipment

Torvac provides k-Space in situ, in-line, and ex situ metrology tools for the semiconductor, thin-film, and PV industries.

These advanced tools are used for monitoring nearly all thin-film deposition processes, including MBE, MOCVD, PLD, PVD, ALD, sputtering, and thermal evaporation.


kSA products utilize optical imaging technology for non-contact, non-invasive measurement of a plethora of important parameters:

· Wafer and Film Temperature
· Thin-film Stress and Strain
· Wafer Curvature, Bow, and Tilt
·Surface Roughness and Surface Quality
· Film Thickness and Deposition Rate
· Optical Band Gap
· Atomic Spacing
· Wafer Carrier Characterization

k-Space MOS tools

kSA MOS: 2D, in situ stress, bow, curvature, and deposition rate measurement tool with real-time feedback for monitoring thin-film deposition.

Quickly and easily generate high-resolution diffuse and specular reflectance and total emissivity maps of MOCVD carriers.

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